Best Fall 2016 Trends

Refinery 29, states what ‘The Best Accessories Trends From Fashion Week’ are. Death to the choker is the first trend. For those who don’t like the choker look or want a new trend, wearing a longer pendant necklace is very stylish. With any simple dress or outfit you can top it off with a sleek and chic long pendant necklace. One of our new designers Christina Greene is selling the Long … Continued

KICKING OFF NYFW with Victoria Justice

Seen on the scene at W Magazine IT Girl Luncheon. The beautiful Victoria Justice on her way to the luncheon wore the “Roxy Belt” by Lovestrength. The luncheon was filled with amazing ladies as they all gathered around admiring one another being served appetizers from the waiters. Laughter and love shown on their faces. Victoria Justice attended the IT Girl luncheon and shows us a wonderful way to portray one’s self … Continued

Screen Shot 2016 07 27 at 1.17.19 PM 250x241 - Pre-Fall Trend: Hardware, Studs & Grommets

Pre-Fall Trend: Hardware, Studs & Grommets

According to Accessories magazine, this fall we’ll be seeing metallic studs and grommet hardware accents on everything from handbags to hair clips. You can find a variety of pieces representing this trend to stock up on your own with examples from our stunning belt line by Lovestrength!      Everest Belt- 100% genuine embossed leather with antique brass finish hardware and charms     Drifter Belt- 100% genuine leather front, roller buckle … Continued

Screen Shot 2016 07 20 at 12.49.40 PM1 250x250 - July Stone Of The Month: The Ruby

July Stone Of The Month: The Ruby

The Ruby Speaks of Love, Passion, Courage and Emotion This gem has been considered the king of all gems and is believed to bestow good fortune to the wearer. The most valued gemstone is available in a variety of red hues. The most valuable color of Ruby is a “Brumese Ruby,” a rich, hot, full red color with a slight blue hue. The Mogok valley of Upper Burma is known … Continued

Fashion Radar: ‘70s Inspired Pendant Necklaces for Fall

JCK gives us an insider hint to stock cases with the right pieces to complement the necklines and silhouettes of next season. Ready-to-wear fall clothing shows took place in London, New York, Milan, and Paris informing us that long pendant necklaces are among the trends to get one’s hands on. Here are some of our designers pieces to pair with fall attire: Hand carved bone pendant, plated in 18k gold … Continued

La Vie En Rose

“I love you, you are heavenly, you are my secret love,” Is what a Rose would say if it could speak. The month of June celebrates the rose as its birth flower. For the longest time, Roses have been the most popular flowers in the world for gift giving purposes. The favored rose is known as the flower of love and comes in a variety of colors ranging from red … Continued

Stop and Smell the Rose Gold

“Everyone adores the red rose, and yet it is a common sort of beauty. You are like a golden rose, a rare bloom but no less lovely.” Author: Alma Katsu With a name that offers luxury and a color that flatters every skin tone, rose gold has the fashion world obsessed. Rose gold, red gold and pink gold are created from a gold and copper alloy.18k Rose gold is 75% … Continued

A Week in Outfits: June 2016

  Monday: Cream Bell Sleeves ft. Pops of Color Image by: Song of Style Pair your favorite jean cutoffs with a cream bell sleeve top with fun heels, edgy sunglasses, turquoise earrings, and an eccentric bag to achieve this look. Comfort tip: swap the heels for a colorful pair of flats or sandals   Tuesday: Classic in blag mixed with fringe and gold accessories Image by: The Fashion Guitar Throw on … Continued

June Stone of the Month: The Pearl

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” No other stone depicts love and innocence in the manner that the June Birthstone does. The pearl embodies that of a sophisticated and timeless elegance. Pearls are often associated with wisdom, integrity, purity, wealth, fidelity and friendship.   The color of the pearl correlates with the type of mussel or oyster that it comes from: South sea … Continued

Best Innovative Looks At Met Gala 2016

This year’s theme at the Met Gala- Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology- was a tough theme to dress for, however there were some standout celeb looks who made it work. While wearable tech is not making Met Gala worthy gowns just yet, that doesn’t mean there can’t be cross collaborations with designers and tech companies to bring about new innovative gowns. Karolina Kurkova The designers of Marchesa … Continued

Coachella Starts This Weekend, Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Coachella Valley Music Festival starts this weekend- if you’re one of the lucky one’s attending you might be wondering what you’re going to wear. Luckily, Bloom Showroom has you covered on all of the hottest trends that will complete your festival style. 1. Layered Jewels                      By Paola A on What is a Coachella outfit if you don’t deck it … Continued

Spring Handbag Trends

Spring is just around the corner, and so are new handbags! This year is all about unique shapes and luxurious leathers…keep reading to see where you can get the season’s hottest pieces. First up: half-moon bags. Designers like Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, and A.P.C have all experimented with this simplistic design. Our own designer, Mei Vintage, also creates a half-moon clutch with a removable strap for ultimate convenience. Plus, Mei … Continued

All About Amethyst

Although it’s usually reserved for those with February birthdays, amethyst is becoming a trend for any accessory-lover. It has multiple psychological and spiritual healing properties as well as good fortune when it comes to legal problems and money issues. Also, purple looks amazing on all skins tones! Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Amethyst could make the owner clear-headed and quick-witted. In psychic realms, Amethyst is popular for connecting the … Continued

Holiday Hibernation

This is your last week to check out the sample sales at Bloom Showroom! We’ll be hibernating this winter starting next week and ending the week of New Year’s. Make sure you drop by before then to collect those last holiday presents for your friends and family. If you do miss the sample sale you can still last minute buy accessories from our designers on their websites and etsy pages! … Continued

Festive Accessories

Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s finally December, and it’s officially acceptable to freak out about the Holidays! As you sit by your fireplace watching ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas while sipping on a steaming peppermint mocha, you have that tiny errand in the back of your mind bothering you. You know, that thing you have to do that you thought you’d finish on Black Friday? Perhaps Cyber Monday? I’m talking … Continued

Designer Interview: Jasmine & Chelsea of Aura Candles

Welcome to the world of Jasmine and Chelsea, the creative minds behind Aura Candles. Jasmine was born in San Diego and currently lives in Carlsbad, CA. Chelsea was born in Ohio and also now lives in Carlsbad, CA. Choose 3 words to describe your creative universe: Our creative universe is: intentional, fragrant, and sometimes chaotic. What are your educational backgrounds? Chelsea graduated with a degree in finance and Jasmine attended a local … Continued

The Stone Age

If you thought the stone jewelry was perfect for the free, hippie vibes of the summer, you were spot on. However, the fashion world is going through a bit of a stone age that makes jewelry featuring precious stones great options for the fall and winter months. Sure, the stones are a tad less magical when placed upon sweaters rather than bare skin, but they now can be worn in more … Continued

Falling in Love with Hats

Just because it’s a foggy fall day, doesn’t mean you can’t wear your beloved hats. Whether you love the look or are just having a bad hair day, you can still obsess over hats this season. Ummmm can we please call this next look cozy chic? Layer with jackets, sweaters, and scarves. Fashionable while staying warm outside, now that’s what I’m all about. And remember that summer dress it broke … Continued

Sporting Sneakers in Your #OOTD

We love fall boots. Like, really really love them. But some days we’re simply not in the mood to strut down the street. We need something laid back for Casual Friday. However, we refuse to compromise style points for it. Fortunately, we’re learning from our Parisian counterparts that sneakers are perfectly acceptable with trendy dresses and the like.   Dresses, especially those cozy ribbed ones now that’s it’s fall, come … Continued

Trick or Treat Yourself With Accessories

Halloween is all a trick to get you to buy silly costumes you will never in your life take out of your closet again. For something I’ll never wear again, I’m always hesitant to make a heavy investment in my Halloween costumes. Did I really want to walk into a bar dressed up as Mrs. Potato Head anyway? Not particularly. So this year, I’m taking a different approach. Accessorizing is … Continued

Halloween for the Fashionista

Personally, I’m over adding “sexy” to everything and calling it a halloween costume. The Party City halloween ads on television make me want to yak. I’m not going to diet hard all of October so I can wear a barely-there skirt and bra to call myself a mermaid. I’m done with that. But I still love the creativity involved with getting together halloween costumes. Just not the tackiness typically associated … Continued

The Trench

The trench is hot in this autumn’s cool breeze. In fact, lightweight trenches can work throughout the winter as well if you’ve been blessed with mild LA weather. This versatile piece bumps any look to the next level. Welcome the coat that can be worn to work or to a night out. Trust me, your closet needs this. Style it with black pants, a crop top, and over-sized pitch black sunnies … Continued

Welcome to the Fashion Big Leagues, India

While the fashion weeks of the Western world are a fashion lover’s dream, it may be time to pay attention to the trends in nation’s outside the traditional big dogs. European designers decided resort style for 2016 is inspired by traditional Indian patterns, but current Indian fashion is far beyond that. It’s surprisingly not as traditional as people still believe it to be. Of course, designers don’t want to stray too far from … Continued

Good Vibes Only

It’s day 3 of Market Week and with buyers walking in and out of the Cooper building, things are getting hectic. We’re trying to keep Bloom Showroom as tranquil as possible to reflect the happy feels of our designers. Good vibes only. Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline Jewelry is front and center in our space sending positive energy in all directions. Open Heart Warrior stands out from other happy hippie … Continued

Monochromatic Never Looked So High Fashion

The last blog post was all about bringing the brown while pioneering western frontier style boots. After reviewing many of the Paris fashion week looks, it seems like the always appropriate neutral works head to sky-high heel. Select different shades of almond, hazelnut, and any other delicious sounding shade of brown to complete the perfect fall outfit. Crop tops or long tops, cig pants or disco pants, you truly cannot … Continued