Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is this Friday! We thought we’d show some of our favorite costumes worn by celebrities found in Elle magazine. Hopefully they will provide some inspiration for your costumes this weekend. For more on Halloween costumes keep reading. Nicki Minaj                             Cruella De Ville           Marie Antoinette     Minnie Mouse           … Continued

Unknown2 - National Color Day

National Color Day

Happy National Color Day! We are so grateful for our world of color because what would we do without it? We’d like to dedicate this blog post to color and show you some wonderful fashion items you can wear to show your appreciation for the colors in your life!     National Color Day is celebrated every year on October 22. Colors affect us in so many ways from behavior … Continued

10313505 526639294107653 5018560250334153819 n 250x250 - Designer Interview: Amanda Jordyn Designs

Designer Interview: Amanda Jordyn Designs

Amanda Jordyn Designs was created by two innovative and creative young girls, Amanda (age 14) and Jordyn (age 12). With the guidance of their mothers, Jacqueline and Rachel, Amanda Jordyn Designs blossomed into a business of creating and selling beautiful and unique jewelry. The women pair Ethiopian metals from a free trade company that employs women as well as using colorful gemstones to form elegant and original pieces. Additionally, Amanda … Continued

images 1 - October Birthstone - Opals and Tourmalines

October Birthstone – Opals and Tourmalines

To welcome in October, we’d like to inform you of this month’s two birthstones. To learn more, keep reading! There are two birthstones for October: Opal and Tourmaline. First we’ll start with the Opal. Opal is a soft stone that is easily reshaped by heat. They range in colors from white, black, orange, green, red, and blue. They are famous for their flashing of colors when moved – often showing … Continued