Trick or Treat Yourself With Accessories

Halloween is all a trick to get you to buy silly costumes you will never in your life take out of your closet again. For something I’ll never wear again, I’m always hesitant to make a heavy investment in my Halloween costumes. Did I really want to walk into a bar dressed up as Mrs. Potato Head anyway? Not particularly. So this year, I’m taking a different approach. Accessorizing is … Continued

Halloween for the Fashionista

Personally, I’m over adding “sexy” to everything and calling it a halloween costume. The Party City halloween ads on television make me want to yak. I’m not going to diet hard all of October so I can wear a barely-there skirt and bra to call myself a mermaid. I’m done with that. But I still love the creativity involved with getting together halloween costumes. Just not the tackiness typically associated … Continued

The Trench

The trench is hot in this autumn’s cool breeze. In fact, lightweight trenches can work throughout the winter as well if you’ve been blessed with mild LA weather. This versatile piece bumps any look to the next level. Welcome the coat that can be worn to work or to a night out. Trust me, your closet needs this. Style it with black pants, a crop top, and over-sized pitch black sunnies … Continued

Welcome to the Fashion Big Leagues, India

While the fashion weeks of the Western world are a fashion lover’s dream, it may be time to pay attention to the trends in nation’s outside the traditional big dogs. European designers decided resort style for 2016 is inspired by traditional Indian patterns, but current Indian fashion is far beyond that. It’s surprisingly not as traditional as people still believe it to be. Of course, designers don’t want to stray too far from … Continued

Good Vibes Only

It’s day 3 of Market Week and with buyers walking in and out of the Cooper building, things are getting hectic. We’re trying to keep Bloom Showroom as tranquil as possible to reflect the happy feels of our designers. Good vibes only. Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline Jewelry is front and center in our space sending positive energy in all directions. Open Heart Warrior stands out from other happy hippie … Continued

Monochromatic Never Looked So High Fashion

The last blog post was all about bringing the brown while pioneering western frontier style boots. After reviewing many of the Paris fashion week looks, it seems like the always appropriate neutral works head to sky-high heel. Select different shades of almond, hazelnut, and any other delicious sounding shade of brown to complete the perfect fall outfit. Crop tops or long tops, cig pants or disco pants, you truly cannot … Continued

The Western Frontier is Fall’s Manifest Destiny

It’s time to trade those Iced Chais for steaming Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sun dresses for sweater dresses, and sandals for boots. This fall is all about stampeding ahead of the fashionably slow in western boots. Think fringe booties, not tacky cowboy boots. Say an enthusiastic yes to all things suede and politely turn down any material too shiny. No fashion pioneer needs to be stomping around in tacky booties. Anything … Continued