La Vie En Rose

“I love you, you are heavenly, you are my secret love,” Is what a Rose would say if it could speak. The month of June celebrates the rose as its birth flower. For the longest time, Roses have been the most popular flowers in the world for gift giving purposes. The favored rose is known as the flower of love and comes in a variety of colors ranging from red … Continued

Stop and Smell the Rose Gold

“Everyone adores the red rose, and yet it is a common sort of beauty. You are like a golden rose, a rare bloom but no less lovely.” Author: Alma Katsu With a name that offers luxury and a color that flatters every skin tone, rose gold has the fashion world obsessed. Rose gold, red gold and pink gold are created from a gold and copper alloy.18k Rose gold is 75% … Continued

A Week in Outfits: June 2016

  Monday: Cream Bell Sleeves ft. Pops of Color Image by: Song of Style Pair your favorite jean cutoffs with a cream bell sleeve top with fun heels, edgy sunglasses, turquoise earrings, and an eccentric bag to achieve this look. Comfort tip: swap the heels for a colorful pair of flats or sandals   Tuesday: Classic in blag mixed with fringe and gold accessories Image by: The Fashion Guitar Throw on … Continued

June Stone of the Month: The Pearl

“If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.” No other stone depicts love and innocence in the manner that the June Birthstone does. The pearl embodies that of a sophisticated and timeless elegance. Pearls are often associated with wisdom, integrity, purity, wealth, fidelity and friendship.   The color of the pearl correlates with the type of mussel or oyster that it comes from: South sea … Continued