On the Agenda: the Brazil Fifa World Cup

I think everyone can say for sure, we’re well aware of the World Cup going on right now in Brazil. We’ve seen the games, we’ve heard the crowds. It’s on! But let’s focus on the country more than the game itself. Brazil is a very interesting and rather unique country in terms of culture, population and traditions. And one thing is sure, beauty and fashion are celebrated every day over there!

So on the agenda for today, to honor the Brazilian culture, we wanted to share with you a little ‘Brazil’-themed fashion selection. World Cup or no World Cup, we all want a little color and spice in your wardrobe for this summer!

Brazil1.001 745x558 - On the Agenda: the Brazil Fifa World Cup

Shine on and wear daring outfits with pop jewelry and accessories to channel the Brazilian mood. Here’s a selection from jewelry designers Natalie Frigo and Joanna Morgan as well as leather brands Louise Farnay and LuRI.

Brazil2.001 745x558 - On the Agenda: the Brazil Fifa World Cup

It’s hot, you want to be comfortable but still put on a little color and a little femininity? Try this SITA Couture cotton dress. You’ll feel perfectly at ease yet be able to show off some sparkle!

Brazil3.001 745x558 - On the Agenda: the Brazil Fifa World Cup

The ultimate soccer outfit to celebrate the Brazilian World Cup and watching the games? A flowy dress, white sneakers, a little fringe bag, colorful accessories and lots of water! Ready, set, SOCCER!

We want to hear from you. Tell us which team you’re for? Are you watching the games? Do you play soccer?

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