Asters and Sapphires: September’s flower and stone

September is here and why not start the month off with the symbolic meanings of the birth flower, the aster, and the birthstone, the sapphire.


Let’s start with the flower.


The Aster symbolizes love, contentment, devotion and daintiness.  If you’ve been lucky to be born in September you are known to be devoted towards living a good life.  You like perfection in everything and you listen more and talk less.  This last quality makes a great communicator.  It’s also known that people born in September are industrious by nature.




Asters come in a variety of colors; pink, red, white, lilac, and mauve. They received their name because of the Greek word for ‘star’, as these flowers resemble that shape. They are often considered a love charm, as well as used to mark a 20th wedding anniversary. Asters are gifted, with the intent and message “Take Care of Yourself For Me.”




The Sapphire . . . 


September - Sapphire


Sapphires are known to attract heavenly blessings and will protect your loved ones from envy and harm.  They also have a long association with royalty and romance.  Remember Princess Diana’s engagement ring?  




Sapphires are also usually thought of as a deep blue but did you know they can also range from various green or violet shades. 




As the aster and sapphire are representative of September either of them would make great ideas for gifts. What a beautiful and meaningful present to receive from a loved one! 

What’s your favorite sapphire color?


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