Beat the Heat with Headbands

The summer heat isn’t going anywhere just yet. Last week in Los Angeles was living a breezy dream and what a tease that was. What’s almost as annoying as walking into a room looking like an absolute sweaty wreck? Walking into a room looking like that sweaty wreck plus hair plastered to your forehead and cheeks. You spent all morning perfectly styling each hair for nothing. It’s guaranteed all those currently damp baby hairs will frizz as they dry. So what’s the quick fix for this? Headbands. They’re not just for the gym. Whether you’re going for a bohemian vibe or a sporty chic look, headbands are the perfect accessories.


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Pro Tip: throw your hair into a bun to keep those pesky hairs from tickling your neck



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Love the looks? Try out one or two from our own designer, Kini Bands. If you love them, which you probably will, let’s be real here, get the matching Kini Bands hair ties as well. Unlike most of our boring ponytail holders, these are cute regardless of whether they’re thrown up in a ponytail or resting on your wrists.


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