Bloom Showroom: The 6 month wrap-up

Bloom Showroom is changing!

For today’s post, we wanted to get a little more personal with you and just talk about the life of the showroom, the direction we’re taking and the changes that happened in the past six months. A little wrap-up of the Bloom Showroom evolution, in a way…

As you might have noticed, everything has been more active and high-speed. We’ve updated our logo and website to better fit our identity and our aesthetic, we’ve doubled our efforts on all social media to keep you updated on a daily basis of what’s been happening behind the scenes, we’ve traded spaces for a better suited and visible showroom.

We really worked hard to make these changes happen these past few months in order to create the new Bloom Showroom, a full service lifestyle agency dedicated to help emerging designers grow and flourish in their markets.


A brand new designer portfolio

We want to provide a top notch service package to the brands that we represent while shifting into a lifestyle approach for the Bloom brand. We have a very wide variety of brands, from jewelry to clothing and accessories. We’re very happy about the new editions that we recently made to our brand portfolio. If you want to discover some of them, you can go to our designer page and check out ERS Creative, a handmade jewelry inspired by the animal kingdom, Tanya Scheer, a very delicate and resort-like dress line, Teresa Cambi, an italian bag company and Lovestrength, a boho leather accessory brand.



Sensual brunette woman dancing in white dress

collection slide 6

We are very happy that you can discover all of these new designers and we want you to follow all of the Bloom Showroom experiences online through our blog and our social media. We are excited to share our everyday life and offer you an insight of how a showroom works behind the scenes. Thank you all for being part of this adventure!


The Bloom Showroom team


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