Bracelet Stacking

I’ve recently established somewhat of a routine every morning where I have my first cup of tea and read emails.  For someone that absolutely hates routine, this has become a time where I can wake up and plan my day.

This morning, as I was reading my news feeds, I found a blog post by WhoWhatWear through bloglovin about stacking bracelets and creating a layered look.  I was immediately intrigued as bracelets are one of my many obsessions. So, I began reading the post and immediately saw a connection to the designers I represent.

Mixing and matching bracelets can be a lot of fun and by wearing many at a time you don’t have to choose which one/s you want to wear – you can pile them all on –  within reason of course.

However, there is a way to make them look good and polished and not messy or disorganized.  According to WhoWhatWear, you need to think about the different metals, textures, shapes, and colors to create a perfect look.

To show you some possibilities, I thought I would highlight the designers I represent in the showroom, to contribute to this great summer trend.  

A cuff is a great statement piece and a perfect way to begin.  These Sterling Silver cuffs are by Lila Clare Jewelry and Alex Stein Design (one of our newest designers to join the showroom).

Opuntia Bracelet Large Cuff 300x300 - Bracelet Stacking
Lila Clare Botanic Cuff
alex bee cuff - Bracelet Stacking
Alex Stein Bee Cuff
alex bella cuff - Bracelet Stacking
Alex Stein Bella Cuff
alex comet cuff - Bracelet Stacking
Alex Stein Comet Cuff


After you’ve decided on your largest piece you can choose smaller, more colorful bracelets.  Bangles are one option for layering.  The color block bangles are from Fotini Designs, and the other bangles, by Pity Fab, are made from recycled copper and they are all hand enameled.


fotinibanglepurple1a 300x266 - Bracelet Stacking
Fotini Designs Amethyst Bangle
fotinigreenbluebangles 300x235 - Bracelet Stacking
Fotini Designs Lapis and Green Quartz Bangles
fotinisqaurebanglesingleorangepinka - Bracelet Stacking
Fotini Designs Carnelian and Garnet Bangle
lt.greenbangle lex 203x300 - Bracelet Stacking
Pity Fab Green Enameled Bangle
redbangle lex 191x300 - Bracelet Stacking
Pity Fab Red Enameled Bangle


Then finishing with some wrap bracelets or gemstone bracelets to give the look some dimension or sparkle is great.  These bracelets are from Amanda Jordyn Designs (our very newest designer).


amanda jordynblue quartz bracelets 300x205 - Bracelet Stacking
Amanda Jordyn Designs
amandajordynbracelets 300x253 - Bracelet Stacking
Amanda Jordyn Designs
amandajordyngemstone bracelets 300x240 - Bracelet Stacking
Amanda Jordyn Designs


For more information about any of these lines, contact me at the showroom:

Lady Liberty Bldg.

843 S. Los Angeles St.

Ste 401




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