Breaking News: Bloom L.A. Showroom brand new website


Finally, after weeks of hard work, sleepless nights and tough decisions, we made it! Our new website is up and running. As you probably noticed, we decided to change the logo a few weeks ago, as part of the re-branding strategy. The website was next in line in the process.

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We wanted something clean, with neutral shades and lines. We imagined it as a cocoon where you could navigate easily and discover the designers and their collections displayed in a luxurious and pure environment. White and light pink were our core choices for the color identity. As for the graphic design, one word: simple. But in a good way! You can go from page to page in one click, you’re never lost and most of all, everything is there. We tried to incorporate as many information about ourselves, the showroom and the designers we represent in the simplest way possible. You won’t be overwhelmed by content, yet you will find exactly what you need.

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We are thrilled about this exciting new step for Bloom L.A Showroom and of course, we want your feedback. What do you think? Do you love it? Do you hate it (we hope not…)? Would you change anything? Let’s hear it. We want to know what you think, because at the end of the day, you’re the ones that come and read it…

And don’t forget, our blog is now hosted on our website as well, no need to go to Blogspot anymore… It’s all right here and you can find what you want to read in a click with our categories on the right. You can also check us out on our various social media accounts!

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Happy surfing!


The Bloom L.A. Showroom geek team


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