Casalinda Studio

As I’m going to highlight each designer I represent it’s only normal that I start with the very first . . . Casalinda Studio.  This jewelry line is actually the creation of my mother, Linda DaPra, who got her degree in Applied Arts from San Diego State much later in life.  She waited until my brother was in college before she started her college career and the timing was perfect for her and I to start a business together.  She finished her degree right at the time I moved back to the U.S. from France.  This was in 2007 and it is when Casalinda Studio was launched.

casalindastudioAD2 300x300 - Casalinda Studio

While at San Diego State, Linda took geology courses to fulfill her general ed requirements.  Thanks to these classes she was inspired by the natural elements around her and started to design jewelry based on the geology of Southern California.  She created a line of hand-fabricated links called Mud Cracks – the inspiration coming from dry lake beds often found in the desert areas, and to this day, it happens to be our best seller!

fused mudcrack necklace 300x183 - Casalinda Studio
Fused Mud Crack Necklace
double mudcrack earrings 300x218 - Casalinda Studio
Double Mud Crack Earrings
mudcrack cuff 300x200 - Casalinda Studio
Mud Crack Cuff

She then created other lines to complete the Casalinda Studio collection which included Flora, inspired by the painting of A.R. Valentien who painted all the California Native Flowers; La Mer, inspired by sea life in Southern California; and Geometry, inspired by shapes seen in nature.

dogwood and beads 1 266x300 - Casalinda Studio
Mountain Dogwood Necklace
open oval earrings 300x200 - Casalinda Studio
Open Oval Earrings
barnacle bracelet 300x200 - Casalinda Studio
Sea Barnacles Bracelet

In continuing with her initial ideas, today Casalinda Studio Jewelry draws inspiration from the mountains, deserts, and ocean of Southern California.  

Casalinda pieces use only recycled, reclaimed metals and fair trade, conflict free, recycled, reused, or vintage semi-precious stones and beads.

Lastly, Casalinda Studio is drawn to the dichotomy between rough, imperfect elements in nature and beautifully fashioned metal art.


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