Fashion & Ethical Responsibility

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” Churchill The fashion industry is a special world often associated with glamour, the over importance of appearance and even, for right or wrong reasons, superficialness. To not lose track of the reality of today’s world and because of the huge exposure and influence they actually get, more and more brands & actors from the … Continued

Summer Must-Haves: Jumpsuits & Playsuits!

Playsuit, romper, jumpsuit, overall…so many names for one result: a 100% comfy and trendy outfit for this summer!   Whether you like it short or longer, we have selected the cutest ones of the season and given you our advice to accessorize your faves with the best collections from our designers. For beach days Coco Romper – For Love & Lemons Combishort Rio – Faithfull The Brand For casual days … Continued

Designer Interview: Charme Silkiner

Let one of our designers introduce us to her creative world,  inspiration and collections: this week, the blog lets you get to know a bit more about Charme Silkiner Jewelry! Charme has designed each piece to be worn with any other piece of the collection to help empower women to create their own moments and know that there are no mistakes, just endless possibilities. Name, place of birth and current … Continued

All White Summer

‘Women think of all colors except the absence of colors. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony‘ Coco Chanel   White is the New Black! We can’t get enough of this neutral and, after having received the tricks to match your accessories for a colorful gypsy look last week, it’s time to go back to basics and minimalist … Continued

Be a Gypsy Queen

She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy… You may have spotted since the beginning of 2015 that the gypsy look is still this summer’s hot trend! Before getting into detail on what the gypsy look is, let’s have a quick look at history to see where the term comes from and what the gypsy philosophy consists of.     Gypsy … Continued

Designer Interview: Natalie Frigo

This week we’re getting to know designer Natalie Frigo, a little better! Frigo’s passion is creating unique, heirloom jewelry that treasures the extraordinary beauty in every client. Sculpting all of the designs by hand in her lower Manhattan studio, Natalie personally attends to each detail using the ancient practices of metalsmithing and ‘cire perdue’ (also known as lost-wax casting). The organic forms are then handcast and finished using only recycled … Continued

Flower of the month – Rose

Remember last years blog about the pearl being the birthstone of June? Well this year as June comes to a close we’re talking about the flower of the month, which also happens to be the national flower of America – the rose. The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, yet it continues to hold the highest level of class and elegance. It is also surprisingly diverse … Continued

Fashion Icons of the Fifties

Fashion is ever changing but these women have influenced fashion in such a way that their style is timeless. Let’s take a look at a few unforgetable icons from the glamour era. Grace Kelly  The American actress, turned Princess of Monaco was the epitomy of elegance and effortless beauty. You would often find her wearing silk gloves, pearls, full length skirts and of course, the famous Hermés, Kelly bag. Kelly fell in love with … Continued

Glacier Grey for June Gloom

It’s that time of year again, we’ve just got over May grey to be welcomed by June gloom and grey is all around us. But don’t fret, we have the perfect way to embrace this less than perfect weather…glacier grey. Amongst a sea of gloomy clouds this cooling color can ironically brighten your day, here’s how! So far this year we’ve seen tons of grey gowns drape the red carpet, showing us … Continued

Cannes Film Festival 2015

Cannes, France  An exquisite city, located perfectly on the French Riviera. Yet every May it is bombarded with film producers, directors and an extortionate number of celebrities. But you can’t just be any old celebrity to attend, this prestigious film festival is invite only. The best of the best come together to preview films and documentaries from around the world…and the stunning scenery is simply the cherry on top. As the Cannes … Continued

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015 The smell of BBQ’s fills the air, families lay out picnics wherever they can find a free spot of grass and there is a steady flow of alcohol thorughout the day. However, let’s take a second to pay our respects and remember the real reason we get the day off from work and school.   A Little Trip Through History… On the last Monday in May we celebrate the lives … Continued

Best and Worst of the Met Gala 2015

It was fashions biggest night out and we were on the edge of our seats waiting to see what wonderful and daring creations the celebs chose to walk the red carpet in this year…and rest assured we were not disappointed! With the theme, China Through The Looking Glass we expected to see a lot of red, a lot of lace and a lot of jewels, all combined to create a scandalous … Continued

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Mis Amigos!  Why Do We Celebrate This Mexican Holiday? There is so much more to this holiday that guacamole and tequila, so while you sip on your margarita and listen to the mariachi band in the background, let me tell you a little history to why today is celebrated. In the late 1850’s the Mexican Treasury was left almost bankrupt in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War and the … Continued

How to Style Your Ears

Put the perfect finishing touch on each outfit with this style guide of how ear accessories can transform your look. Whether it’s simple every day studs, delicate or fierce dangles, or a statement piece, here is how to make sure your ear game is on point whatever the occasion…   THE STATEMENT EAR PIECE  Get creative this spring with these fantastic Lux Divine ear pieces. Take advantage of festival season and splurge … Continued

Fifty Shades of Blue

Continuing our trend of the colors of summer 2015, we give you BLUE! From classic blue to aquamarine there’s no going wrong with this brilliant color!   Whoever said blue is a boys color must have come from the stone ages…we love blue, everyone loves blue! It is the statement color in your wardrobe that you simply can’t live without and from season to season it will always stick around … Continued

The Colors of Summer 2015 Are Out!

It’s almost time to place your winter warmers back in the attack and make room for this seasons summer shades! From glacier grey to scuba blue, we guarantee there is something for you, so look no further as we have the top 10 shades you don’t want to miss coming your way! This weeks shade guarantees to take you back to your childhood days of looking pretty in pink but here’s … Continued

Spring Back into Good Health!

Now that Spring Break is over and your body has had a week-long vacation away from the gym and healthy foods, it’s time to nourish you back to good health and shape for summer!  We know it’s tough to break up with carbs and sweets, but we’ve gathered a few tricks for you to get there.     BANANAS. Freeze and blend for a yummy soft-serve when you feel yourself … Continued

Pantone’s Color of the Month: Aqua

March is the month of aqua and what a beautiful hue it is for the season of spring! Carrying soothing vibrations of misty ocean air, aqua radiates peace, life, and tranquility. It is a color that recharges our spirits, relieves our stress, and promotes happiness. Being closer to green than blue, it is refreshing and cheerful while also being strong and independent. Being surrounded by aqua walls enhance creativity, focus, … Continued

Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. We’re only 2 days away from the biggest love-fest of the year! Whether you’ll be staying in with a bottle of wine, some Chinese take-out, and a terrible rom-com, or succumbing to the cliche romantic candle-lit dinner with your significant other, we are throwing it back (it’s #throwbackthursday after all) to a few of our favorite red and pink dresses for your viewing pleasure in spirit of … Continued

Festival Fashion

Festival season is fast approaching in California and boy, are we excited! Each year, flocks of hundreds of thousands trek out to the desert for a weekend of incredible vibes and entertainment from top artists. But it’s not just about music under the desert sun. These festivals are a hotspot for fashion lovers to debut the boho-chic, summery outfits they’ve spent months putting together. As we are nearing April and … Continued

Women in Suits

What better way to stand out in a sea of elegant gowns and colorful frocks than to show up in a plain ‘ol pantsuit? We know “boring” and “masculine” come to mind, but red carpets are now seeing more of this business-casual look than the floor-length couture we’ve always expected. Women are borrowing from the boys and making it their own. With bold colors and silhouettes, this look has become chic … Continued

2015 Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala

Pantone has officially named Marsala as the 2015 color of the year! Inspired by the earthy wine, Marsala embodies sophistication and style. Its subtlety flatters a variety of skin tones. Pantone describes the color as “sensual and bold” and a “daringly inviting tone that nurtures…exuding confidence and stability while feeding the body, mind and soul.”       Marsala can be found in jewelry made of garnet, spinel, and tourmaline. … Continued

Solange Knowles’ White Wedding – Favorite Looks

We would like to congratulate Solange Knowles and Alan Fergusen on their marriage and thought we’d share with you our favorite looks from the white wedding. For more on looks of their wedding keep reading. The friends and family of Solange and video director Alan Fergusen gathered in New Orleans for the weekend of October 14 for the wedding ceremony. The entire family wore white, including Beyoncé, Jay Z and … Continued

Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we thought we’d share some tips on being the perfect host and how to do it in style! Valentino Garavani shared 6 tips on how to be the perfect dinner party host: Getting the right crowd – For Thanksgiving, surround yourself with friends and family to spend the day with. Dress up the table – Set the mood with your fancy kitchenware, napkins, and … Continued

November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

As we welcomed November last week, we thought we’d tell you about the month’s two birthstones:  Topaz and Citrine. Topaz comes in a variety of colors. It is often confused with quartz, although they are made up of different minerals. The archetype of a prized topaz is called Imperial Topaz, which embodies an orange color with pink undertones. This stone also comes in shades of yellow, pink, purple, orange and … Continued