KICKING OFF NYFW with Victoria Justice

Seen on the scene at W Magazine IT Girl Luncheon. The beautiful Victoria Justice on her way to the luncheon wore the “Roxy Belt” by Lovestrength. The luncheon was filled with amazing ladies as they all gathered around admiring one another being served appetizers from the waiters. Laughter and love shown on their faces. Victoria Justice attended the IT Girl luncheon and shows us a wonderful way to portray one’s self … Continued

Screen Shot 2016 07 27 at 1.17.19 PM 250x241 - Pre-Fall Trend: Hardware, Studs & Grommets

Pre-Fall Trend: Hardware, Studs & Grommets

According to Accessories magazine, this fall we’ll be seeing metallic studs and grommet hardware accents on everything from handbags to hair clips. You can find a variety of pieces representing this trend to stock up on your own with examples from our stunning belt line by Lovestrength!      Everest Belt- 100% genuine embossed leather with antique brass finish hardware and charms     Drifter Belt- 100% genuine leather front, roller buckle … Continued

La Vie En Rose

“I love you, you are heavenly, you are my secret love,” Is what a Rose would say if it could speak. The month of June celebrates the rose as its birth flower. For the longest time, Roses have been the most popular flowers in the world for gift giving purposes. The favored rose is known as the flower of love and comes in a variety of colors ranging from red … Continued

Coachella Starts This Weekend, Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Coachella Valley Music Festival starts this weekend- if you’re one of the lucky one’s attending you might be wondering what you’re going to wear. Luckily, Bloom Showroom has you covered on all of the hottest trends that will complete your festival style. 1. Layered Jewels                      By Paola A on What is a Coachella outfit if you don’t deck it … Continued

Round of Applause for Our Female Comedians

You have to give it up to our female comedians. These ladies are the pioneers of feminism in the entertainment industry. Many comedies feature a predominantly male cast with female bimbos on the side. These ladies break the mold of the female role in comedy. And that’s important.   I watched reruns of Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Seinfeld every day after school growing up. When Veep started, I penciled it into … Continued

Fashion & Ethical Responsibility

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” Churchill The fashion industry is a special world often associated with glamour, the over importance of appearance and even, for right or wrong reasons, superficialness. To not lose track of the reality of today’s world and because of the huge exposure and influence they actually get, more and more brands & actors from the … Continued

Flower of the month – Water Lily

As the beautiful month of July is close to its end, it was impossible for us not to talk about the birth flower of certainly one of the most favorite months of the year: the water lily!     The water lily refers to eloquence and purity of the heart. Others will tell you the water lily stands for perfect beauty. This water plant often blooms at night, its perfume … Continued

Be a Gypsy Queen

She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy… You may have spotted since the beginning of 2015 that the gypsy look is still this summer’s hot trend! Before getting into detail on what the gypsy look is, let’s have a quick look at history to see where the term comes from and what the gypsy philosophy consists of.     Gypsy … Continued

The Hottest Summer Vacation Destinations

You’ve been working your butt off all year and now it’s time to take a break and go on that vacation you’ve been saving up for. Whether you want to relax on the beach, go on an adventure or party, we have the perfect destinations for you to choose from! Beaches For so many people, summer equals beaches. What better way to get away from the real world than with a margarita in … Continued

Flower of the month – Rose

Remember last years blog about the pearl being the birthstone of June? Well this year as June comes to a close we’re talking about the flower of the month, which also happens to be the national flower of America – the rose. The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, yet it continues to hold the highest level of class and elegance. It is also surprisingly diverse … Continued

Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we thought we’d share some tips on being the perfect host and how to do it in style! Valentino Garavani shared 6 tips on how to be the perfect dinner party host: Getting the right crowd – For Thanksgiving, surround yourself with friends and family to spend the day with. Dress up the table – Set the mood with your fancy kitchenware, napkins, and … Continued

November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

As we welcomed November last week, we thought we’d tell you about the month’s two birthstones:  Topaz and Citrine. Topaz comes in a variety of colors. It is often confused with quartz, although they are made up of different minerals. The archetype of a prized topaz is called Imperial Topaz, which embodies an orange color with pink undertones. This stone also comes in shades of yellow, pink, purple, orange and … Continued

images1 250x177 - Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Is Officially Here! Last week we wiped our tears and said goodbye to summer, but we are now so excited! For our favorite fall fashion trends and activities to do this season keep reading.   First, lets start off with our favorite fashion trends! As the weather cools down, cozy up by the fire in your favorite knits. Pick some up from our designer Mere Basics, whose beautiful layering … Continued

66ebb669eefe822d5bd6e387d51868ce 250x250 - Health & Wellness : the Bloom Showroom Summer Workout Edition

Health & Wellness : the Bloom Showroom Summer Workout Edition

We’re all enjoying summer and all its perks. Happy hour, good food and good company. In this period, it can be tricky to infuse fitness in your daily routine, as you’d rather be lounging on a terrace than sweating it off at the gym and think about your health… Not to fear sweethearts, summer can actually be the most fun time of year when it comes to exercising because you can … Continued

5455570370 d2aeed8804 o 250x250 - Blooming City Guide: Downtown Los Angeles

Blooming City Guide: Downtown Los Angeles

All this time, we’ve been talking about San Francisco, our trade shows and our designers but we forgot the most important thing: Downtown L.A, where we work and play! Here’s a portrait of this very complex and interesting neighborhood. DTLA as we call it, is one of the liveliest, most diverse and fun parts of the city. The area was extremely popular in the 1940’s, referred to as the “Wall … Continued

113712aa801c439ec78d5c123dabdbce 250x250 - Health & Wellness : beauty basics

Health & Wellness : beauty basics

Hello, everyone! Today, we want to talk about beauty. Every week, we look at fashion, jewelry, accessories, lifestyle and food but beauty is also a key element to your style and your look. This list is a personal take on beauty and products, compiling both American and French products. With this list, you’ll have a pretty awesome beauty ‘closet’, and we kept it summer themed, so you can have fun … Continued

IMG 20140527 003625 250x250 - Blooming City Guide : San Francisco

Blooming City Guide : San Francisco

Hello everyone! It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Between new editions to the showroom, a big ‘Gift Box’ project coming up and Memorial Day weekend, time just flew by… But we wanted to share some tips with you after our trip to the City by the Bay. We had the most amazing weather and spent 2 days just strolling around the hills and eating out in the most delicious … Continued

6a00d8358081ff69e2017c38785e3f970b 800wi 250x250 - Health & Lifestyle: Spring cleanse: yes or no?

Health & Lifestyle: Spring cleanse: yes or no?

Everybody’s talking about it, everyone knows someone who’s doing it, and we are actually thinking about it ourselves? The famous spring juice cleanse. But is it worth it or is it just a food trend that’s meant to go out of fashion? The Bloom Showroom Foodie team investigated, as we have our own juicery just downstairs in the Cooper Building. What we love about it: – It is very refreshing … Continued

chicago 250x250 - Blooming City Guide: The Chicago Edit

Blooming City Guide: The Chicago Edit

Bloom Showroom is at StyleMax Chicago right now and we wanted you to get a taste of what’s been happening. It’s already Day 2, the booth is getting ready and we’re enjoying the East Coast lifestyle… We travel a lot and we just love discovering new places. With that in mind, we put together a little City Guide to help you find your way around Chicago and make the most … Continued

bent bar necklace 150x150 - Our Designers at the Grammys

Our Designers at the Grammys

Just before I dash off to Vegas for Accessories the Show, I wanted to post some exciting news.  The last couple of weeks were busy for us here at BLOOM. First we met with Brandon and Savannah, the teen brother / sister pop duo.  Savannah fell in love with one of our designers Liz Henry Jewelry and ended up buying two great necklaces to wear all the time, the Toni necklace and the Bent Bar … Continued

541989 10150997153095708 756757332 n 250x250 - Get Yourself Seen!

Get Yourself Seen!

Last weekend I was in Vegas attending Niche:TheShow.   Luckily, this show was inside an air conditioned casino as there was record breaking heat outside and if you weren’t able to spend the day immersed in a cold pool somewhere, being inside was the next best thing. Niche is one of many trade shows in Vegas over that weekend geared towards the wholesale jewelry and art market.  The time I … Continued