Designer Interview: Amanda Jordyn Designs

Amanda Jordyn Designs was created by two innovative and creative young girls, Amanda (age 14) and Jordyn (age 12). With the guidance of their mothers, Jacqueline and Rachel, Amanda Jordyn Designs blossomed into a business of creating and selling beautiful and unique jewelry. The women pair Ethiopian metals from a free trade company that employs women as well as using colorful gemstones to form elegant and original pieces. Additionally, Amanda Jordyn Designs gives back to the Ethiopian women annually to show their support. Amanda Jordyn Designs – Women supporting women!




The two women and their daughters reside in Southern California in Calabasas and West Hills. We were able to interview Jacqueline Polacheck about what inspires them – keep reading for an insight into her creative world.

Where does your inspiration come from?

“I grab inspiration from traveling. I pick up ideas wherever I go.

What is your favorite past time?

“My favorite past time is the beach, relaxing, listening to the waves crashing, walking with the sand in my toes.”

If you had to choose one color, which one would it be and why?

“Blue, it’s so calming – reminds me of water, serenity.”


What’s your favorite material and why?

“Our brass metals – they’re natural, neutral, and can be worn in any situation. And chenille – it’s cozy and soft.”

If you had one piece in your closet, what would it be and why?

“All I need in my closet is a white tee or tank. My second piece would be blue jeans, and then a metal bracelet…then a bathing suit. That’s all I need.”

Favorite dish?


What shapes your creative universe?

“In day to day life it’s tennis. Mental release. My weekends – the beach. That’s why it’s Cali for me and New York to visit. I love the sophistication, energy and people from New York but nothing can ever compare to the weather in Cali. It welcomes a healthy active way of life. I consider myself bicoastal but I raise my kids in Cali. Cali is my home.”


What’s your take on fashion?

“For me fashion has always been important. The theme to my Bat Mitzvah was shopping. I won best dressed in high school and then I went to college to study fashion. I don’t have one look. I appreciate and embrace all types. Accessories are my favorite. I can travel with nothing but jeans and white tees but I will have a different pair of shoes and purse for each day and multiple sunglasses and always a bundle of metals from AJ designs.”

I just bought you a plane ticket. Where are you going?

“I hope the plane ticket is to one of these places that I am dying to go to….Bali, Fiji, South Africa.”

Do you have a favorite movie?

“I love the movies.. I see every movie when it comes out. I just want to laugh and enjoy. My favorite movie of all time is Overboard. But recently I loved Chef and Sex Tape”



How do you think Amanda Jordyn Designs is going to grow? Do you want to branch out? Anything new in the works?

“We hope that our brand continues to grow. We have seen success in our community. You can’t go anywhere in Calabasas without seeing it on the arm of someone.”

How did you get in contact with Bloom Showroom?

“We found Bloom Showroom on LinkedIn.”



That’s a wrap for our designer interview with Jacqueline from Amanda Jordyn Designs! If you want to discover more, check out their designer page for more on the brand. In the meantime, let us know if you liked the interview in the comments below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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