Designer Interview: Charme Silkiner

Let one of our designers introduce us to her creative world,  inspiration and collections: this week, the blog lets you get to know a bit more about Charme Silkiner Jewelry!

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Charme has designed each piece to be worn with any other piece of the collection to help empower women to create their own moments and know that there are no mistakes, just endless possibilities.

Name, place of birth and current city – I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. I currently live in Greenville South Carolina.

Three words to describe your creative universe – Live it. Breathe it. Beam it!

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What is your educational background? Did you study fashion/jewelry? – I was an art major at Georgia State University in Atlanta Georgia. I specifically enjoyed my studies of sculpture, painting and architecture. And, no surprise here, I enjoyed working with metals (silver and brass).  When I was a little girl, as young as eight I started sketching. I collected stones, and was fortunate enough to follow my passion, which landed me at fashion shows with my friends, designing using anything and everything I could get my hands on. An early entrepreneur, I even sold my jewelry at recess…until I got in trouble.  A girl can dream, right?!  Nothing like looking back at my little girl self and saying “I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, but your dreams really will come true.”

What is your main source of inspiration? – I’m inspired by learning, by experiencing, by conversations. I’m inspired by my travels; whether it’s an afternoon sunset against the NY skyline or dusk at the ocean with it’s soft peachy-blush shades, or european architecture. These are all things that really bring my artistic passion to life. Moments that are sweet in their ordinary nature. I am captured by life’s beauties in general.

If you had to chose one color, which one would it be and why? – It’s so difficult to pick just one!  Luckily for me, I get to surround myself with colors of very hue. But if I had to pick just one, perhaps I’d select coral.  It is so lovely on every skin tone.

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What’s your favorite fabric/material and why? – I love silk. There’s so much to it. Not only does it feel good, but the way the light bounces off the fold and creases…and the way that it falls softly around a silhouette just make me swoon.


Where’s your favorite place in the world and why? – That place is Italy for me! The beauty, the history, and the blazing passion that encompasses every inch of space.  I also love the timeless, worn yet classic beauty of the country from its high fashion scenes to the rural areas.  Gorgeous at every turn, though in different ways.

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Italian landscapes from Rome and Verona to the Cinque Terre and Lake Como 

What’s your favorite dish? – Donuts. Wait, does that count?


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If you had only one piece in your closet, what would it be? – Just one? That’s so hard.  If I had to pick just one piece, I’d say the Jourdan necklace, that features golden nuggets on a long chain. There’s an elegance to simplicity. It’s a chic take on a bohemian style. I can wear it with my ripped jeans and breezy white tops . . . all the way to something to kick that LBD up a notch.

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The Jourdan necklace (middle) and the Dakota and Klein bracelets (left and right)

What is your take on fashion? – I’m definitely not one of these “I alway do this, and I never do that” kind of girl. I have a no-rules approach to fashion, with a few exceptions. It’s most important to feel beautiful. Confidence radiates from the inside out, and my pieces are intended to help women and men feel their best.  I think the biggest faux pas is trying to be someone that you aren’t or trying to conform to what you think others want you to be.  We are all multi-dimensional, with layers. It’s ok to wear Boho Chic one day and Grace Kelly the next. Because if you feel it, do it! Have fun! Enjoy being you!


Do you have a favorite movie? – Movie/Musical: Les Misérables. The yin and yang of passion and compassion get me every time. In fact, you might see that some of the names of my pieces were inspired by films such as Les Miserables, along with other artful productions that profoundly affect me.

How do you think Charme Silkiner is going to grow? Do you want to branch out? Is there anything new in the works? –  I think, for me, I’m pursuing my passion. And that is something that is never going to stagnant or stale, or content. I’m the sort of person (and I think as an artist, it’s just in my blood) who really loves the thrill of change and the beauty that comes along with it. Challenging myself always, providing not just an aesthetically pleasing product but one that’s of the highest quality, to honor the integrity of the heart I place in all of my designs. Creating emotional ties between those who wear my pieces, and the pieces who find their home with the client. Those are things that keep me sketching late at night and get me up in the morning. The Charme Silkiner woman is inherently a fashion stylist, yet in her own way, and it’s an honor to be able to help her feel that way. There are big dreams on the horizon as we continually evolve…


Keep on exploring Charme’s inspiration and new designs on our designer page and her website!


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