Designer Interview: ETSI, mother-daughter clothing line

The designer Interview, brand new feature on the Blog

After portraying several designers here on the blog, we thought about a way to make it more creative and interesting for our readers. So, here is a brand new column of exclusive designer interviews to get to know each and every one of them in a more intimate setting and letting them do the talking. Who they are, what inspires them, what do they see in the future? All these questions will be answered by the designers themselves as we interview one of them every month. Follow their creative adventures here on the Bloom Showroom blog!


Interview with ETSI, a mother-daughter clothing line from Cyprus

Name, Place of birth, Current City: Julie Galatariotis – Russia, leaving in Limassol Cyprus, Emily Yiolitis – Limassol, Cyprus

3 words to describe your creative universe: Relaxed, flirty and fun.

What’s your educational background? Did you study jewelry, fashion? Emily – Law, Julie – Business

What’s your main source of inspiration? Travels and playtime with our daughters


If you had to choose 1 color, which one would it be and why? Slate grey because it is such a great backdrop to anything.

What’s your favorite fabric/material and why? The perfect, crisp, breathable, natural cotton fabric we use to make most of our collection basics.

Your favorite place in the world: A nook in the garden under the pines.


One dish: Sunday roast chicken with rosemary potatoes.

If you only had one piece in your closet, what would it be? Black Balenciaga biker jacket – you just gotta love it.

What’s your take on fashion? Fashion is all about not taking yourself too seriously and having fun designing or wearing the pieces that express you.

I just bought you a plane ticket. What are you wishing for? Wishing for Paris each and every time.


Do you have a favorite movie? To Kill a Mocking Bird for lots of reasons but mainly for Gregory Peck.

How do you think ETSI is going to grow? Anything new in the works? ETSI was a pioneer in the matching mother daughter look and imitation being the best form of flattery we are absolutely aglow that top brands are following suit. We think the trend will grow bigger and we will be right there with the perfect looks for fashionistas, small or big.

How did you get in contact with Bloom Showroom? Bloom represents the style of clothes we design and attracts the kind of buyers we love. The fit is great and we feel that together we will grow.

Bloom Showroom and ETSI – Los Angeles, August 27, 2014

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