Designer Interview: Jasmine & Chelsea of Aura Candles

Welcome to the world of Jasmine and Chelsea, the creative minds behind Aura Candles.

Jasmine and Chelsea, the ladies of Aura Candles
Jasmine and Chelsea, the ladies of Aura Candles

Jasmine was born in San Diego and currently lives in Carlsbad, CA. Chelsea was born in Ohio and also now lives in Carlsbad, CA.

Choose 3 words to describe your creative universe: Our creative universe is: intentional, fragrant, and sometimes chaotic.

What are your educational backgrounds? Chelsea graduated with a degree in finance and Jasmine attended a local community college before taking over the family business. Both are self-taught chandlers.

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What are your main sources of inspiration? Our main source of inspiration is always shifting. One season it may be nature, the next may be textures and colors. We are constantly inspired by what we encounter in our everyday lives; the smell of fresh laundry (we do plenty of that), fresh flowers, beach breezes…inspiration is all around you if you’re open to receive it.

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What are your favorite places in the world and why? Jasmine’s is anywhere lavender grows wild. Chelsea loves Paris.

What’s your favorite dish? Jasmine is Paleo and loves making organic veggie or fruit bowls. Chelsea is a great cook and makes a mean shrimp pasta.

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Do you have a favorite movie? Anything Rom-com. Nothing scary! Ever!

How do you think Aura Candles is going to grow? Do you want to branch out? Is there anything new in the works? We recently partnered with an amazing PR gal and we are hopeful with her help, we can gain exposure, momentum, and press! We have plans to add a new fall fragrance…we have been working on adding this type of blend to our Everyday and Travel Collections for a couple of years now and we are so excited it’s finished! 2016 holds some new surprises, so stay tuned!

Check out Aura Candles at Bloom Showroom in the Cooper building or browse the website!

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