Designer Interview: Joanna Morgan from Joanna Morgan Designs

Joanna Morgan is an independent jewelry designer, infusing her passion of art and design with creativity and fashion. Her attention to current fashion trends and main goal of providing women with versatile and stylish jewelry have lead her to create timeless pieces that can be worn everyday. Most of her work is created from silver or brass, and most are embellished with semi precious stones and cultured pearls.

Joanna’s passion for sustainability extends to her work, as she uses recycled metals and only purchases materials that are sourced in the USA.

Joanna has just recently been awarded Best Jewelry Designer for 2014 by Seattle Weekly and Best Accessory Designer 2013 in the Seamless in Seattle competition by Seattle Magazine.


Name, Place of birth, Current City: Joanna Morgan, born in Poland, currently living in Seattle, WA.

3 words to describe you creative universe: I’m inspired by what’s perfect in its imperfection, contrasts and juxtapositions.  My studio is filled with driftwood, rocks, shells, chipped pottery, a mix of vintage and modern – I like being surrounded by things I like.  Museums, and traveling, art, ancient objects – along with the natural world, are all constant sources of inspiration.

What’s you educational background? Did you study jewelry, fashion? I came to jewelry design in a roundabout way; in fact, I spent 15 years in banking and finance. I never received a formal education in art, or fashion, but was always living it and was strongly interested in it.  And I love fashion.  I grew up with people who didn’t have much, but were rich in experiences.  Once I got the “jewelry bug”, I did take some classes in metalwork, but I am mostly self-taught.

What’s you main source of inspiration? It can be almost anything – a shadow on a wall, a spider web, a reflection on the water, a beautiful work of art.


If you had to choose 1 color, which one would it be and why? White.  Is it really a color?  I like it for it’s blankness, and the possibilities it offers.  It’s cool, clean, infinite.

What’s you favorite fabric/material and why? I love working in metal.  The last two collections of mine (Talisman and Scavenger) are 99% metal, brass and sterling silver.

Your favorite place in the world? I just returned from a trip to New Mexico, and I’m still under its spell.

Favorite dish? Confit de canard  I am betraying my Polish roots choosing a French dish, but I love it.

If you had only one piece in your closet, what would it be? Black leather motorcycle jackets – it solves all my wardrobe dilemmas.

What’s your take on fashion? Have fun with it!  Can’t take it too seriously.

I just bought you a plane ticket. Where are you going? Anywhere in France, please.

Do you have a favorite movie? I will go out on limb here, but I love all Bond movies.  Especially the ones with Sean Connery, and Pierce Brosnan.





How do you think Joanna Morgan Designs is going to grow? Do you want to branch out? Anything new in the works? I am hoping my jewelry will keep appealing to wider and wider circle of women (and men).  I am grateful for fans who appreciate the originality and style I offer in my jewelry.  Since I’m committed to sustainability and keeping all production based in USA, even as the brand grows I intend to continue doing just that.  I have just introduced a new collection – called Scavenger . I am happy it has been getting such positive feedback.  And yes, I have started designing some new pieces, which will be introduced in an upcoming collection, in a few months.

How did you get in contact with Bloom Showroom? I think it was meant to be – Bloom was looking for new designers to represent, and I was looking for representation too.  We connected on LinkedIn first, and a couple months later met in person in LA.




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