Designer Interview: Katie Whittemore of Haarstick Jewelry

Haarstick Jewelry is designed for that modern girl who has a bit of a rebellious side and some serious downtown edge. The clean, geometric-inspired designs are meant to accentuate the wearer’s strong independent style and always make a statement. Designer Katie Whittemore was born in NYC, went to school in Boston and made Los Angeles her home for years (a true city girl at heart) before moving back to the East Coast. She is inspired by girls who are fearless with their style.


Name, Place of birth, Current City: Katie Whittemore – NYC – Middletown, RI

3 words to describe you creative universe: Spirited, Strong, Graphic

What’s your educational background? Did you study jewelry, fashion? I took Jewelry Design classes at RISD


What’s you main source of inspiration? I’m inspired by shapes primarily – superhero imagery, crop circles, church windows, anime, etc. Not so much shapes created by nature but those that are man-made. I’m always looking at shapes in my environment and in pop culture to see how I can turn them into pieces of jewelry. I’m currently fascinated with Transformers and may use the geometric design of their body armour as inspiration for a new collection. Also loving the idea of a collection inspired by Wolverine.

If you had to choose 1 color, which one would it be and why? Gold! I’d plate the world in gold if I could. Gold and black together – there is nothing cooler.

What’s you favorite fabric/material and why? I have a Valentino coat made of the thickest most fabulous silk – I could wear it all day.


Your favorite place in the world? Bali. I plan to move there when I’m old and grey.

Favorite dish? Cheese plate.

If you had only one piece in your closet, what would it be? My Valentino coat! Or my new Preen dress. They’re my new favorite designer.

What’s your take on fashion? I am obsessed with Fashion Week and watch every single runway show. I am so inspired by designers who use bold colors and graphics – Preen, Mary Katrantzou, etc. I see fashion designers as true artists and absolutely love to see their collections on the runway as they intended for us to see them – everything is so cohesive (the music, the hair and make-up) and sets such a particular mood. I love it!


I just bought you a plane ticket. Where are you going? The ticket says “First Class” and “Bali”.


Do you have a favorite movie? I’ve seen “Love Actually” over 30 times.


How do you think Haarstick Jewelry is going to grow? Do you want to branch out? Anything new in the works? I’m working on some new pieces to complement already existing pieces so the collections are more well rounded – particularly the Crop Circle and Star pieces. But I really would love to keep playing with superhero imagery and graphics. The Marvel collection is inspired by Batman’s cape but I’d love to tackle Wolverine, Transformers and others. I’m taking my time with my business – I don’t want to rush things and make big mistakes like creating pieces that aren’t me. Every day I feel like I’m inching closer to a successful business that truly reflects me as a person…….and to checking off the biggest item on my “I Made It” List: a Haarstick piece in Vogue!


How did you get in contact with Bloom Showroom? I met Jennifer over social media! Isn’t that how everyone meets nowadays???


That’s it for our designer interview with Katie Whittemore! If you want to learn more about Haarstick Jewelry please visit our designer page or head to her website. In the meantime, let us know if you liked the interview in the comments below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!



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