Designer Interview – Louise Farnay, handbags designer from Hong-Kong

The designer Interview, brand new feature on the Blog

After portraying several designers here on the blog, we thought about a way to make it more creative and interesting for our readers. So, here is a brand new column of exclusive designer interviews to get to know each and every one of them in a more intimate setting and letting them do the talking. Who they are, what inspires them, what do they see in the future? All these questions will be answered by the designers themselves as we interview one of them every month. Follow their creative adventures here on the Bloom Showroom blog!


Interview with Louise Farnay, Australian handbags designer based in Hong-Kong

Name, Place of birth, Current City: “Louise Farnay, Perth, Australia, currently living in Hong Kong.


3 words to describe your creative universe: “Culture, textures, color.”

What’s your educational background? “I have three degrees in design, ranging from graphics, to fine art to makeup artistry.”


Did you study jewelry or 
fashion? “I did not study fashion at all, though I have been lucky enough to have inherited a great artistry skill in my genes. I was heavily influenced by my mother who was always sewing some hip ‘n funky jumpsuit, bikini, or dress for me. She and her mother owned a luxurious boutique where they hand-sewed each dress for each customer.”

What’s your main source of inspiration? “My main source for inspiration are my immediate surroundings, like art, graffitis, slogans, social and political issues, and of course the materials I source. I may literally feel a design in fruition by seeing some amazing leather or fabric I find on my global travels.”


If you had to choose one color, which one would it be and why? “Red ~ it provokes many emotions; strength, power, passion, energy, love, and luck. I feel these are the essences of life, and I possess them.”

What’s your favorite fabric/material? “I love all textures; ethnic and natural textures, whether it be embroidered, stitched, embellished, beaded or dyed. That’s generally why I am so interested in travelling. It’s an opportunity to observe first-hand how various cultures use fabrics, textures and color to express their customs and beliefs.”


Your most cherished place in the world? “The beach because I get to see a vast horizon. I can relax, dream, imagine, create and I love the wind and sea spray.”

Your go-to dish?
 “A really healthy salad. It rejuvenates me, awakens my senses and makes me feel alive.”

Your favorite movie? “I don’t have a favorite because I love so many! I go nearly every week to a movie. Last week I saw Jim Jarmusch’s new movie about vampires, Only Lovers Left Alive. It was a fun and far-fetched, romantic fantasy movie.”

Clutches - Louise Farnay

If you only had one piece in your closet, what would it be? “A beautifully, flowing dress of silk, and probably embroidered with intricate detailing, like one of my many vintage Indian sari dresses. They make me feel feminine, free like the wind, and nobody knows quite what body shape or fabulous legs are under that dress. It’s like keeping a secret all to yourself.”

– What’s your take on fashion? “Fashion dictates and influences too much for my liking. I’m a free sprit and I think you should feel and be yourself, and be proud whatever you choose to wear. That’s what makes the world an exciting place to be in; individuality, whether its fashionable or not. Dictating the size 0 in fashion magazines on waif-like models really upsets me. It’s wrong.


I just bought you a plane ticket. What are you wishing for? “I’d like to go to Cuba. It’s rich in culture, art, political unrest, music, Caribbean food, historic architecture, and I guess a whole lot more.”

– How do you think Louise Farnay is going to grow? “I see it growing further in the Asian region, into China and into the USA. We are taking my brand into Germany soon too.”

Do you want
 to branch out? “Sure, why not! Let’s see how far we can go.”


Anything new in the works? “Always. I am going to start on a more eco-friendly line soon. It will be heavily textured, yet will still maintain the Louise Farnay clean lines.”

How did you get in contact with Bloom Showroom? 
 “Bloom Showroom was an introduction for me by someone who who spotted my brand at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney.”

Bloom Showroom and Louise Farnay – Los Angeles, August 10, 2014

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