Designer Interview: Piersa Cvetkovski

Welcome to the life of Piersa Cvetkovski, the beautiful mind behind Wild Horses Run Free. Aside from creating trendy accessories, Piersa gets bonus points for taking a cruelty-free approach to her designs. Learn a little bit more about this animal-loving designer.

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Name: Piersa Cvetkovski

Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York

Current City: New York City

What are 3 words to describe your creative universe: Conscious, adventurous, philomath (a lover of learning)

What is your educational background? Did you study fashion? Yes, I earned a Fashion Design degree from FIDM (LA)

What’s your main source of inspiration? Music. I have a hard time designing without music playing

If you had to choose one color, what would it be and why? Blue and White are my favoriteNavy-Blue-High-Waisted-Pants-Outfit-Idea colors, I never tire of them.

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What is your favorite place in the world? Somewhere with surf and sand, so Costa Rica, Hawaii. I have a lot of respect for cultures that take care of their environment.


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If you only had one piece in your closet, what would it be? A WHRF hat, of course!

What’s your take on fashion? It’s an interesting time in fashion now. Small businesses have a place in the industry with larger corporations. We are learning more about our impact on the environment and are finding ways to reduce our impact. Consumers are more educated about fashion. It’s really exciting to see and be a part of the various changes.

How do you think Wild Horses Run Free is going to grow? Do you want to branch out? Is there anything new in the works? Yes, I would like to grow; especially since my background is in women’s wear. I believe in taking baby steps though. For now I am focusing on accessories.

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