Fashion Icons of the Fifties

Fashion is ever changing but these women have influenced fashion in such a way that their style is timeless. Let’s take a look at a few unforgetable icons from the glamour era.

Grace Kelly 

The American actress, turned Princess of Monaco was the epitomy of elegance and effortless beauty.


You would often find her wearing silk gloves, pearls, full length skirts and of course, the famous Hermés, Kelly bag.

Kelly fell in love with a Hermés bag while using it as an accessory during Alfred Hitchcock’s film, To Catch a Thief. She was later pictured using the bag to hide a baby bump just months after becoming the Prince of Monaco due to marrying Prince Rainer III. The bag became popular that it was later renamed the Kelly bag.



Brigette Bardot

The French model and actress, turned animal rights activist, won over people’s hearts with her flirty and girly sense of style. From her full-skirted dresses and big blonde hair she left her mark on the fashion world. Most notably was her Bardot neckline, which she popularized by wearing sweaters, tops and dresses with her signature wide open neckline that exposed her shoulders.           5485529214_2a9886302f_o

She later became known as the girl in the bikini after starring in the French film, And Then God Created Woman. At the time, the bikini was accepted in France but was still considered risqué in America



Marilyn Monroe 

The orginial blonde bombshell, Monroe had a way of making everything look sexy. She oozed sex appeal. Her trademark beauty mark and red lips will forever be copied by girls all over the world.


Her closet often boasted fitted dressed, some of which were so tight she had to be sewn into them! High-wasted jeans, heels and who could forget the white halter neck dress…



Audrey Hepburn

Although the British star is largely remembered for her acting and modeling career, she spent much of her life as a humanitarian. Hepburn was a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and worked in some of the most of impoverished places in Africa, South America and Asia.


She rocked a slender frame in an era where curves were all the rage, and she was widely remembered for her effortless elegance when it came to fashion.  She often wore ballet flats, turtle necks and men’s style clothing. In 1961 she was not surprisingly placed in the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame, run by Vanity Fair.

Betty Page

Her unforgetable black hair, blue eyes and signature bangs, Page was best known for her pin-ups. She was one of the first women to influence sexuality in fashion, and paved the way for women like, Dita Vone Teese and Christina Aguilera.



Katharine Hepburn 

Although her image was the opposite of the glitz and glamour associated with this decade, Hepburn effortlessly managed to impact fashion in this era. She took a masculine look consisting of pantsuits, button down shirts and blazers, and transformed it into a strong, independent feminine look that we continue to see every day.


So there it is, flirty, fun and independance all mixed into one unforgetable era.


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