Get the Look: Shay Mitchell

A few episodes into Pretty Little Liars, I stopped caring about who A actually was. I had read the books and, quite frankly, was over the whole mystery. What I was obsessed with though, was the fashion. Did it really matter what the girls did as long as they did it with style? Shay Mitchell, for example, does boho, ethnic chic better than anyone else.

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It’s difficult to find her outfits on or off camera and make it your own. That’s why accessorizing is the best way to incorporate her trends into your own vibe. A few statement necklaces inspired by Indian jewelry will give your look just the right amount of a Shay Mitchell-esque feel.

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Our designers LoveStrength and Gypsy Junkies have the perfect pieces to add some indian spirit into your style.

LoveStrength necklace
LoveStrength necklace
Gypsy Junkies necklace from the Indian Bliss Jewelry Collection
Gypsy Junkies necklace from the Indian Bliss Jewelry Collection

Add these to a simple tank or monochromatic dress so as not to appear clunky with both patterns and attention-demanding jewelry. Keep it simple and highlight your accessories to kill the look the Shay Mitchell way.

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