Good Vibes Only

It’s day 3 of Market Week and with buyers walking in and out of the Cooper building, things are getting hectic. We’re trying to keep Bloom Showroom as tranquil as possible to reflect the happy feels of our designers. Good vibes only. Open Heart Warrior by Mary Caroline Jewelry is front and center in our space sending positive energy in all directions.


Open Heart Warrior stands out from other happy hippie lines by featuring the concept of Mala beads. Ever been to India and seen the gurus wearing long strands of identical beads? No? Ok, have you ever seen Mike Meyers in Love Guru? Good, then you know what I’m talking about. That’s a mala. Surprisingly fashionable for strands of beads created over 3000 years ago in India. In Sanskrit, Mala means ‘meditation garland.’ Each mala has 109 beads, 108 for the number of times the guru needs to repeat the prayer and the last bead as a connection to the divine. Rather than keeping count of each recitation of the prayer, a guru would simply move over a bead.

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To take the good vibes one level higher, Open Heart Warrior uses beads with healing properties to bring some peace to your life. Stones and beads such as Onyx to eliminate negativity & create balance, Tiger’s Eye for Protection & Grounding, and many more. Choose what elements you want to add to your life or whatever you think looks especially beautiful.

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Totally not judging for you for posing if you just think they look cool.

Open Heart Collection at Bloom Showroom
Open Heart Collection at Bloom Showroom

Come by Bloom Showroom to order Open Heart Warrior to up the good vibes in your life.


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