Halloween for the Fashionista

Personally, I’m over adding “sexy” to everything and calling it a halloween costume. The Party City halloween ads on television make me want to yak. I’m not going to diet hard all of October so I can wear a barely-there skirt and bra to call myself a mermaid. I’m done with that. But I still love the creativity involved with getting together halloween costumes. Just not the tackiness typically associated with them. So if you want to participate in Halloween, but still score fashion points, take some tips from these pros.

Lauren Conrad and friends as "Party Animals"
Lauren Conrad and friends as “Party Animals”

Lauren Conrad killed it with class in her group Party Animals getup. All you need is a good pair of ears. The furrier, the better. Add tiny animal jewelry by Natalie Frigo and ERS Creative to stay in theme.

I’m not entirely sure what Vanessa Hudgens is supposed to be, but she looked too adorable not to include.

Vanessa Hudgens at Knott's Scary Farm
Vanessa Hudgens at Knott’s Scary Farm

Gatsby is a classic. Go wild with accessories for this one.

Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland and friends

As long as you have some plain, fashion staples in your closet, you most likely can make a costume without a last minute shopping trip. Sarah Hyland already had everything necessary for this Annie outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.25.17 AM


Dress up as a different holiday. Two holidays in one, you really can’t beat that.

Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter as Christmas
Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter as Christmas

And what’s more artsy than being art for Halloween? Beyonce as Frida Kahlo? She’s missing the unibrow, but I like. I like a lot.

Photo from NYBG
Photo from NYBG

If I see one more Miley costume, I’m going to lose it. So please, for the sake of my sanity, class up Halloween this year.


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