Health & Lifestyle: Spring cleanse: yes or no?


Everybody’s talking about it, everyone knows someone who’s doing it, and we are actually thinking about it ourselves? The famous spring juice cleanse. But is it worth it or is it just a food trend that’s meant to go out of fashion?

The Bloom Showroom Foodie team investigated, as we have our own juicery just downstairs in the Cooper Building.


What we love about it:

– It is very refreshing to drink juices, especially with the hot weather coming up over the next few days
– Having fruits and vegetables every day can only be good for us, right?
– Most of them are just so yummie, so why resist?
– It is proven to be a good kick-start for your metabolism, if done reasonably
– You can make the concept so chic and even make it a wedding theme. Fun!


What we don’t like about it:

– It is really becoming too trendy, and therefore kind of over-the-top in a way
– The prices can be alarmingly high, especially in Los Angeles
– We actually really like solid food, and are not sure we could go without!


So, with summer coming up and the hot days ahead, will you indulge in a spring cleanse or will you resist the trend?
Let us know what you think about it and share if you like it!


The Bloom Showroom Foodie team


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