Health & Wellness : the Bloom Showroom Summer Workout Edition

We’re all enjoying summer and all its perks. Happy hour, good food and good company. In this period, it can be tricky to infuse fitness in your daily routine, as you’d rather be lounging on a terrace than sweating it off at the gym and think about your health…

Not to fear sweethearts, summer can actually be the most fun time of year when it comes to exercising because you can get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Surfing, kayaking, going for a hike in the nature, taking a swim… Here’s the Bloom Showroom edit to summer sports!



California is the best place to take a hike and enjoy the beautiful weather and the nice views. But anywhere where there’s nature is fine too! Just put on your walking shoes, grab a bottle of sunscreen and just breathe in the fresh air. Walking for 1 hour is all you need to feel relaxed and healthy!

road trippers


A bike is the best way to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you’re in the city, the countryside or by the water. Be sure to put on something comfortable, drink lots of water and open your eyes for great views. Plus, biking is one of the most complete fitness exercises you could do, and it’s good for your heart! Enjoy! You can even make it more fun with water…



What better way to stay fresh than jump in a pool or spend a day at the beach and take a swim in the ocean. This way, you’ll be refreshed, you’ll exercise without even knowing it, and you can enjoy plenty of other activities like beach volleyball or just tanning and reading a good book in between your swimming sessions!



This one requires a certain level of expertise, I guess, but I’m sure any beginner can manage to have fun, break a sweat and probably laugh a little if they try it for the first time! Just enjoy being out in the open, playing with the waves and just smile!



This is an all-time favorite every time of the year. You can do your downward dog anywhere this summer: in a park, on the beach, in a super heated studio or even on a surf board! Just have fun with it!


What’s your favorite summer activity? Do you have any advice? Would you rather just go to happy hour or do you manage to get both into your schedule?

Let us know! We just adore summer routines!


The Bloom Sports Team


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