La Vie En Rose

“I love you, you are heavenly, you are my secret love,” Is what a Rose would say if it could speak. The month of June celebrates the rose as its birth flower. For the longest time, Roses have been the most popular flowers in the world for gift giving purposes. The favored rose is known as the flower of love and comes in a variety of colors ranging from red and pink to white and yellow. The color and number of the Rose carries a symbolic meaning.


Red Roses: Love, longing, desire,

Twelve red roses symbolize “I love you” and “be mine”

White Roses: new beginnings, innocence, sympathy, humility

Yellow Roses: friendship, joy, welcome,

Pink Roses: admiration, joy, gratitude, sweetness, appreciation

Orange Roses: passion, energy, fascination

Lavender Roses: enchantment, regal majesty, splendor, adoration

Black Roses: death of a feeling or relationship


A bouquet of mixed roses allows for a creation of messages. For example, a bouquet of yellow, pink, orange, and red roses would convey to the receiver that the giver is unsure of their feelings but likes them enough to send roses.


How to incorporate Roses in everyday life:

Home decor: Allow your favorite color rose to be the centerpiece in your home for a polished, elegant look.




Hair Accessory: Nothing says romance more than roses do. Wear a flower crown of roses in a wedding or to a music festival to feel like you are apart of a fairy tale love affair


Delicate Statement Jewels: As we’ve learned, light pink roses are classic, feminine and sweet. Rose toned and designed jewelry adds a softness and flirtation to any outfit. 737c2f16cdef23dd70868415bbbe3844



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