The Maxi Dress: A Summer Must-Have

Only a couple more weeks of summer left, and we’re trying to soak it all in! Don’t let your beautiful summer maxi dresses go to waste, wear them out while you can! If you’re wondering where to get one of your own, or where to wear one, keep reading!


JULY1JENMADMEN 199x300 - The Maxi Dress: A Summer Must-Have


Enjoy the end of summer in an elegant and fashionable way – starting with your maxi dress of course.  Our very own designer, Tanya Scheer makes dresses that are gorgeous and timeless, coming in different cuts and patterns to fit your style.





With a dress that’s so easy to wear, you might ask the question where do I go? That is why we love this piece – you can wear it basically anywhere! Take it to the beach, for an evening stroll along Santa Monica pier, or wear it while shopping on the Third Street Promenade.




Wear a flirty maxi dress on a date or for a night out with your girls.




Recreate a look from your favorite fashionista, or mix and match your accessories with a pattern of your choice to create your own unique look.




So grab yours and enjoy the summer sun!


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