National Color Day

Happy National Color Day! We are so grateful for our world of color because what would we do without it? We’d like to dedicate this blog post to color and show you some wonderful fashion items you can wear to show your appreciation for the colors in your life!




National Color Day is celebrated every year on October 22. Colors affect us in so many ways from behavior to sense of style!

Different colors have different meanings that are diversified from person to person. However, in our country certain colors are associated with different stigmas.

Red is associated with feelings of love, excitement, and strength.


Yellow represents happiness and competence.



Green often represents envy, relaxation, and good taste.


Blue often reminds people of good quality and gives off a corporate vibe.


Pink represents sophistication and sincerity.


Purple displays authority and power.


Black is often associated with feelings of grief and fear.


White often represents happiness and purity.


Hopefully you have learned a bit about colors and National Color Day! Check out our designer page to browse our collection of colors so you can add to your wardrobe.



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