New Year New Goals – Mentoring

Happy New Year Everyone!


2013 was a pretty good year – can’t complain, and I feel that 2014 is going to be even better.   I’m setting goals for myself and really concentrating on the showroom, the designers I represent and some new services I’ll be offering for designers.

The showroom will now have consulting services for jewelry / accessory designers who aren’t ready for the financial commitment of a showroom but want to get their product out there.

The idea came to me pretty recently and it’s basically how I got started in the jewelry business, helping my mother, a metalsmith, who had just created her jewelry line, to get started creating a real business out of it.  Doing it step by step with her, gave me insight into the jewelry business, how to create a fashion/art line, who to sell it to, how to price it, etc.  After 6 years of getting my mother’s business up and going as well as helping the designers I represent to grow within their field, I feel that I can now offer my insight and what I’ve learned to new designers who are thinking of starting their own line of accessories.

My questions to you are:

Do you have a plan for your accessory business?  Do you have a mentor or someone to help you each step of the way?  Do you have a plan to market and sell your work?


It’s the new year, what better time to start!   You need to start setting goals, create a marketing plan for yourself, and start selling your work, but how?  It can be extremely overwhelming if you’re doing everything alone – designing, marketing, selling, paperwork, etc, etc.

That’s where I come in – think of it as having a personal mentor. We can discuss your goals together, accomplish some and set new ones.  Help you organize your business ideas and get on your way to making a profit.  We can create a marketing plan and decide the best way to get your name out there.  I can help you find the right shows (retail or wholesale) for your product so you don’t waste time and money in the wrong outlets.


In general mentors can be a great resource:

  • You get a personalized approach, specifically focused on your individual needs.
  • You get someone to help you visualize your goals.
  • You get an honest appraisal of your current product line, your target market, what is working for you and what needs a little more attention.
  • You get to take advantage of their experience.   They can advise you on issues you’re having or new challenges you come across.
  • You also get insight into their excellent sources of referrals, and they can offer new ideas and strategies you hadn’t considered.

Get your business focusedorganized and profitable.  Analyze what’s the best market for you and how to get your brand out there.  And lastly, create a plan of action for your business.


So, what are you waiting for?


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