Pantone’s Color of the Month: Aqua

March is the month of aqua and what a beautiful hue it is for the season of spring! Carrying soothing vibrations of misty ocean air, aqua radiates peace, life, and tranquility. It is a color that recharges our spirits, relieves our stress, and promotes happiness. Being closer to green than blue, it is refreshing and cheerful while also being strong and independent. Being surrounded by aqua walls enhance creativity, focus, and organization— something to consider when repainting the home or office!

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Aqua can be found in the most beautiful of stones, such as turquoise, amazonite, and variscite, and zircon. Make a splash this season by opting for an aqua-colored accessory.

TurquoiseGems         AQUAaccessories

Not sure how to wear the color? You can gear into neutral and complement aqua hues with blacks, whites, greys, or browns.

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Or dare to stand out by pairing it with complementary orange-y hues, such as coral, or pink. Opposites attract, no?

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Whatever palette you choose to showcase this season, be sure to pick up a fun aqua piece from one of our designers. They’re a steal!

img-5763-jpg  Seriously… How cute is this clutch from Luri?

the_boca_raton_ring_in_turquoise_2_1 This chunky ring from BeachBu is to die for. So boho-chic.

photo_1_large  Your wrist is just begging for this Gypsy-Junkies bracelet.


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