Round of Applause for Our Female Comedians

You have to give it up to our female comedians. These ladies are the pioneers of feminism in the entertainment industry. Many comedies feature a predominantly male cast with female bimbos on the side. These ladies break the mold of the female role in comedy. And that’s important.


I watched reruns of Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Seinfeld every day after school growing up. When Veep started, I penciled it into my schedule as a priority commitment. She could make me laugh so hard I would count it as my ab workout. I had a full on girl crush.

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That was before she made my jaw drop in awe at her stunning looks on the red carpet. This goes for most other female comedians. Many of these ladies are beautiful and truly have style in real life. Yet, they’re confident enough in themselves to push back on the pressure to just be another pretty face. They’ve rejected the role as the sidepiece oozing sexuality. They make their money off of being who they are even if it means they’re constantly going through hair and makeup that intentionally make them look worse. They don’t care if they kick the guys to the curb in a male-dominated genre of entertainment.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepting an Emmy Photo from:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepting an Emmy
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We need to give these funny women a round of applause for all they teach the world that women can do more than sit around and look pretty. In my opinion, these ladies are far more attractive than other female stars. Because nothing is hotter than genuine confidence.


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