Monthly Picks – September Favorites

Labor Day weekend and the beginning of September, as we all know, marks the end of summer.  It’s back to school for students and summer vacations are for the most part finished.  In some areas, it’s even starting to get a little chilly.  In Los Angeles, on the other hand, it’s just starting to get hot – like really hot! Therefore, starting to think about fall and new fall clothing, accessories, etc. is out of the question for the moment.  

So, since I’ve taken on a few new lines and the lines I’ve been representing for a while have some new collections ready for Spring market week, I thought I would show my favorites from each line.   
There are some great new pieces to add to your fall wardrobes – at least for those of you already starting to think about it.

Here are my favorite pieces from my designers!

  • ByNatalieFrigo 
    Natalie Frigo - Pearls & small dagger
  • Karyn Chopik’s Every Woman Collection


  • Fotini Design
    fotini square bangle orange
  • Clutch Bags NY
  • Lila Clare Jewelry 
  • Alex Stein Designs
  • Keelin Brett
  • Liz Henry Jewelry
  • Beau Monde Organics


  • WM Design House
  • Cynthia Britt
For more information on any of the designers and/or their collections, please contact me at:

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