The Stone of the month: The pearl

The June Birthstone: the pearl

“Who comes with summer to this earth
And owes to June her hour of birth
A pearl should wear against her skin
Who’s innocence many a heart shall win.”

The pearl is very different from other birth gems because it’s not technically a stone. It’s the only jewel that results from a living organism. The word Pearl is derived from the Latin word “pirum” which means “pear” and reflects the shape of the gem. A lustrous round shape with varying tints, found inside the shell of a mollusk such as a clam or an oyster. Round or nearly round pearls, and of fine luster, are highly esteemed as jewels, and have the same value as other precious stones.

The properties most commonly associated with the pearl are loyalty, faithfulness and friendship. The June birthstone is also considered a symbol of purity and modesty. Pearls can be found in Japan, Australia, Europe, the Persian Gulf, the South Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and of course the Gulf of California.

The classiest accessory

The pearl is seen as a jewel of unsurpassed beauty and elegance. A pearl jewel can instantly style the simplest outfit and give it a touch of glamour and chic.

Here at Bloom Showroom, we just love pearls and a few of our designers do as well. Here is a little selection of some of our designers’ pearl pieces. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Natalie Frigo
Natalie Frigo


Natalie Frigo
Joanna Morgan Pearls
Joanna Morgan

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