Sustainability in the Jewelry Industry

“When life gives you hands, make handmade!” To learn more about sustainability in the jewelry industry read more.

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First off, let’s define sustainability and what that means in the jewelry industry. Sustainability is a practice of not being harmful to the environment and not being wasteful of natural resources. In the jewelry industry, this entails using natural recycled materials to create pieces as well as being aware of the environment in the jewelry making process.


We value sustainability here at Bloom Showroom to help preserve ecosystem balances. It is important that we take care of our Earth in all things we do – including our appreciation of jewelry and fashion.


To show our support, we’d like to celebrate our designers who practice sustainability!


Natalie Frigo’s beautiful jewelry is all made by hand. She uses ancient practices of metal smithing and “cire perdue,” also known as lost wax casting, with recycled metals. She then adds flare to her pieces with personally chosen gemstones that are conflict-free, ensuring no person was forced to mine a stone in unsafe or illegal working conditions. The picture below shows the process of “cire perdue.”


Two more designers at Bloom Showroom who practice sustainability are Joanna Morgan and ERS Creative. Their commitment to sustainability and the processes of not wasting or exploiting their materials are inspirational. All their beautiful pieces are handmade with attention to every detail!

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So now we challenge you all to find ways in your life to be sustainable!



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