The Closet Whisperer / Episode 1- Spring Fashion

The weather is getting warmer and this reminds us that spring is starting. Like your body, your closet probably needs a serious fashion cleanse. Time to go back to the basics, and make a list of the Spring 2014 Essentials. Let’s talk colors, shapes and prints!

Think clean, simple and casual. We don’t want to overdo it. Denim shorts, a white top and some boho accessories will do the trick for a perfect laid-back look.

ETSI silhouette, Natalie Frigo necklace, Joanna Morgan bangles and Louise Farnay bag

Neutral shades will be the trending colors. For example, beige, light blue, blanc cassé or café au lait. The pastels will be joining of course, in all shades and tints so go nuts! Pink, yellow, purple, green or even orange. That said, use them wisely in little touches, on a scarf or as a beauty statement. Too many colors is not what we want for a simple silhouette.


And what about accessories? We’ve shared some with you but here are the guidelines: stick to the classics. You’ve had them for years (or if you don’t, you should probably go shopping right now), they’ve worked with every outfit and for every occasion, so just cherish them and reinvent them as much as possible!


A little bit about beauty now… For Spring/Summer 2014, the idea is ‘back to the basics’. You can adopt the trend by wearing nude makeup, an ‘out-of-bed’ hair style and allowing yourself a pop of color on the nails. With that in mind, you will master the Californian glowy look in no time!


That’s it for today! If you liked this article, share it and spread the word! Spring is coming and we’re ready for it!

The Closet Whisperer

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