Descendants of the Sun


Descendants of the Sun is a line of printed scarves inspired by our love for art and freedom. Dos was founded in 2013 by two fashion industry friends living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn desperate to break away from the dull mold of making and producing clothes in NYC.  Raised on Jacques Cousteau and David Attenborugh, their design philosophy is a celebration of the universal, noble geometry found in nature, it’s balance and beauty. The pieces are a visual travelog of images and observations gathered over the years of deserted places where the skies are big, time feels slow and large animals roam around.  So wrap yourself in one. They will keep you warm on a cool day and protect you from the sun on a hot day. Absorbent and soft to the touch, they can be worn in any condition. All pieces are versatile and can be used as beach covers in summer or scarves in winter!

Designed in Brooklyn, Worn Everywhere. We are all Descendants of the Sun.