Kutula Kiss

Embracing the power of jewelry, Kutula Kiss founders Kathy Pettigrew and Cindy Berg are bringing together women from around the world in a venture of collaboration and creativity. The longtime friends joined forces by way of their mutual love for culture, travel, humanity and fashion.

An introduction to the fine craftsmanship of Colombian artisans inspired Kathy and Cindy to bring the exquisite quality jewelry they love back to North America – while ensuring that the talented and skilled women are supported, empowered and paid fairly. This is a mission that Kathy and Cindy have woven firmly into every aspect of their brand.

Every piece of jewelry created enriches the life of the woman who makes it. The collaborative eclectic fusion between the studio, the design team and the artisans assures an authentic process, creating unique curated collections”.

Kutula Kiss strives to make jewelry that ignites hope for the artisans we are honored to work with. Many of these women now have a dependable income that allows them to take care of their families and dream big. The KK logo pays homage to “kutula” which means “peace” in a South African dialect. Peace is at the heart of everything Kutula Kiss does. Kutula Kiss, as a whole, means “Kiss the World” and our tagline symbolizes sharing, generosity, and the love of journey. Good vibes and pure positivity lie at the company’s core as we continue to find new trending designs and meaningful collaborations around the world.

“Kutula” means peace…. our reminder that by kissing the world a little more each day, we can all be a step closer to “Kutula”.